About Us

Kattrapin Technologies Pvt Ltd


Founded in 2009 and firm specializes in IT services, Customer support, Design services. Kattrapin Technologies provides massive technical experience in building web and mobile application development solutions that are strong, scalable and world-class and our Product emphasize an aesthetic design, logical navigation, successful conversion elements, and are structured around content. Kattrapin Technologies provides technical and non-technical Designs, Graphics, 2d,3d Animation. Kattrapin Technologies deliver high-quality products to a business partners in the Domestic & global market.

Kattrapin specialises in working with clients from the Automotive engineering & technical, healthcare and education sectors. We support organisations of all shapes and sizes, from charitable trusts to national institutions. Together we bring the expertise and thinking needed to solve our clients’ most important communication challenges.
For Kattrapin, every service considered the most valuable part of a project working on brand identity, a new website or a campaign and strategic thinking we bring to every project that delivers real value to differentiate from competitors and to engage your audiences with the offer.
Design that makes the most of every audience touchpoint, that supports a wider brand strategy, and that makes people see heritage organisation in a new light. If you’d like to know more about our approach, take a look at the services we offer.
Kattrapin explores types of projects that create the most interesting and the ones through design ethos, strong strategic thinking and sector understanding can help to reach customers and make a lasting difference.
We help our clients to revitalise organisation culture, Automotive, educate more young people, and deliver better healthcare. And that’s what design is all about: changing the way people feel, encouraging them to think differently and inspiring them to take action.