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CMS to AEM Migration Tool

The Migration connector helps to migrate the Website contents from other Content Management system(i.e, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Teamsite & SharePoint) to AEM(Adobe Experience Manager) with easy steps. The additional features helps to keep the existing content struture as it is. also the connector gives more control to migrate the Meta data & Assets. The Migration process will save 90% of project cost and manual effort.

Hot Features
  1. Migrate Contents
  2. Migrate Assets
  3. Migrate Meta data
  4. Migrate Tags
  5. Generate Reports

AEM Headless Service Tool

Headless architecture offers a new way of presenting AEM contents to all the channels, the content can be used on any device's, like Website, Mobile, Tablet, Internet of Things devices, Smart watches, etc,.

Hot Features
  1. Serving content to multiple channels/platforms
  2. Headless CMS security under layers
  3. Easy to customize the content delivery and Channel
  4. Digital channel specific reports

AEM Project Migration Connector

The migration tool help to migrate the JSP components to Sighlty(with contents) from AEM 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3 to AEM 6.5, The Migration process will reduce the project development cost and manual Content Creation effort.

Hot Features
  1. Migrate the Contents
  2. Templates and Component Mapping
  3. Import Mapping Configuration
  4. Reports

Cision to AEM Connector

The Cision connector helps Digital Marketing or Business team to perform various activity in one place, The tool give powerful option to manage the Cision News and Press Release content in AEM.

Hot Features
  1. Migrate PR news from Cision to AEM
  2. Create & Manage PR news pages
  3. Automate the News and Press Release Process with Approvals
  4. Publish PR news via Mail(campaign mail)
  5. Press Release Content Reports