•   Strategic Position

    The strategy is a long-term game plan in the organisation. Appreciation achieved only after the success of the organisation and an understanding of how to attain goals consistently in business. The company build a relationship with the global customers in every geographical location to do flawless leadership and technical aspect to provide consistency and actions of the organisation.

    Analyse and Create strategy awareness

    A strategy requires a combination of insight, vision, careful planning, dogged determination, and the occasional shifting of goalposts. It’s simultaneously rigid and fluid, requiring diligent reinforcement but enough flexibility to evolve with the market. Measure organisation progress and ensuring to get back on track.
    • Digital / Brand Strategy
    • Social / Campaign Strategy
    • Quantitative and qualitative research
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Competitor analysis
    • Content planning/ strategy

  •   Digital

    Design and build digital products and services that make a positive difference in the business market. As a strategic partner, Kattrapin helps you realise your digital potential through research and innovation. Kattrapin enables your organisation digital transformation to deliver products and services that provide a competitive advantage.

    A culture of technical excellence

    Kattrapin designs and builds enterprise-level products and services that bring physical and digital worlds together for your audiences. Starts with the need or the problem, and through insight and strategy determine the best technical solution to deliver it. From websites, E-Commerce user-centric web applications that integrate with organization systems and are secure, scalable, and deliver real commercial value. Kattrapin believes in technical excellence at every step and works with well-established emerging technologies additionally delivers rigorous process by best practice development. Kattrapin works closely with your teams to define, co-create, test, and refine innovative digital solutions according to your audience wants and which create lasting business value without compromise design integrity.

    Realise Organisation Market digital potential

    Kattrapin helps to carry more weight for your business and deliver more business functions, saving your organisation time and money by the maximizing digital presence in the market. Digital is a positive change within your business.

    Organisation Digital Transformation

    True digital transformation can take time. Kattrapin builds long-lasting relationships with the people and organisations by creating roadmaps to digital change.

    • Digital service design and development
    • WordPress specialists
    • eCommerce
    • UX and UI
    • SEO
    • Social and PPC campaigns
    • Email marketing
    • Advanced analytics
    • Support and hosting

  •   Brand

    The brand is not only your logo or name, brand symbolises the global perception of who the organisation is, what does the company offer, and why it matters.

    Creating Strategic Brands

    Kattrapin creates differentiated brands that deliver commercial success through strategic thinking and intelligent design.

    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Identity Creation
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Brand Messaging

  •   Design & Marketing

    Effective and impactful design is not prominent, a big glorious idea that encapsulates the strategy and brand makes it seem simple.

    Design that makes a difference

    The thoughtful execution of this big idea across marketing collateral, advertising, mail-outs and digital platforms is what ties the brand together. Kattrapin helps in design communications that inspire your audience to take action.

    • Graphic design
    • Digital design
    • Marketing campaign creation
    • Marketing collateral
    • Events and exhibitions
    • Content creation

  •   Consultancy

    Our team is passionate about creating a positive impact through work by providing clients with insight into their brand and digital presence.

    Brand and digital consultancy

    Kattrapin provides support to identify and answer the difficult questions, need direction and an outside perspective to define your brand strategy, or you may be looking to roadmap the launch of a new digital service. Each session will be followed up, with a summary of our discussions alongside defined actions to implement.

    • Brand, Website and SEO Audits
    • Brand or Website Health check
    • Brand Strategy
    • Digital Strategy
    • Campaign Strategy
    • SEO Strategy