What we do

Kattrapin has been helping some of the most innovative product startups and established product companies with their hiring needs. With an objective to become the most coveted business recruitment partner for our clients, we are competent in recruiting brilliant technical workforce and influential leaders for varied business needs.

  •   BPO Offshoring Services

    In general, the process of outsourcing specific business services to a third party BPO Company is called Business Process Outsourcing. Generally Businesses do outsource their services to offshoring (different time zone) or nearshoring (same time zone) companies. KATTRAPIN is a provider of both nearshore and offshore services to Businesses of any industries.

    Businesses can offshore the core and non core business processes to BPO offshoring companies to reduce cost on overheads, get specialized services and faster TAT. The usual practice by companies are to offshore operations, back office clerical activities, Accounting processes, HR services, Sales & Marketing, customer support, IT support services, Procurement etc.

    This will give opportunities to companies to explore skilled talents from the BPO Company at a lesser cost. The BPO offshoring companies can provide flexibility in terms of deliverables, costs, meeting deadlines and implementing technological advancements.

  •   Call Centre Services

    Call Centre services are primarily voice based services. Call Centre Outsourcing is most common among businesses as no one wants to lose their customers. "Customer is king" in any business and businesses should ensure that their customers are happy all the time. Most of the time customers are satisfied if their problems are heard. It's important to set up communication platform in place to avoid disconnects with the customers. Communication platform should be designed to receive calls (inbound) and to call out (outbound) customers.

    We at KATTRAPIN provide outsourcing services of inbound, outbound, Email, Chat and blended solutions to our clients. We do provide technical support and 24x7 help desk services. It's imperative to keep existing customers happy and induct new customers. Call Centre Services can help businesses to stay connected with their customers through inbound and outbound. Any business has to earn a satisfied customer as he will bring more customers to the business. It can go the other way if a customer is not serviced well.

  •   Inbound call and Inbound Sales

    KATTRAPIN has been one of the leading Inbound Call Centre Outsourcing service providers to Global clients. The inbound services includes providing technical calls service, non-technical support, order taking services, inbound sales, customer services, helpdesk solutions etc.

    This type of services can be used to convey special instructions, offers, deals, reminders, surveys, data collection etc.

  •   Customer Service

    KATTRAPIN BPO offers customer support outsourcing service to Global businesses. We provide 24x7 customer services via chat, email and/or phone.

    "Customer is King" applies to any business and no company can approach customer service function as noncore, expensive and unproductive service in a business. If a business neglects servicing customers then they are in the wrong side of the business. For any business converting a user into a customer is important but transforming a customer into repeat customer is more important for profitability. Caring for customers, attending their concerns and resolving them effectively and on time are vital for your business.

    A happy, satisfied customer will bring in more customers. The new customer acquisition is made possible only because of offering a good customer support.An effective and active customer support service will strengthen the client and customer relationship. It will give them a positive feeling about the brand. Customers are assured that they can always approach the department for any issues and it will be resolved.

    We will also get an opportunity to up sell additional services and products to the customers through this service. The expenditure on the function can be justified and at the same time the customers are also serviced well. We offer such professional, polite and affable customer support outsourcing service to any business across the Globe. We make use of powerful call scripting system and handle the customer queries easily and effectively.

  •   Order Taking

    In any organization across industries, taking orders is an important task at some level of the business process. Order taking is a process of recording orders accurately, securing the recorded data and delivering the same. KATTRAPIN being an outsourcing company provides outstanding Inbound order taking services to Global businesses.

  •   Answering Service

    KATTRAPIN We provides professional Telephone answering services, Inbound support services, Agent assisted IVR support Services to any business across the World. We combine the advanced technology with the Industry standard customer service and strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We customise our CRM to match the clients' requirements thus enabling a systematic approach to our inbound services.